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Metal roofing Columbus GA has many unique advantages when choosing a new roof for your home or commercial building. Metal roofing has the advantage of lowering cooling costs, being resilient against weather and damage, and lasting a long time. Take a look at the options below to learn the advantages and costs of each before making your choice! You can also visit our About page to know more about our company.

Our roofers Columbus GA have experience in installing a wide variety of certified metal roofing materials. 

Steel is an investment material in a roof, but it’s also extremely durable against wear and expansion and contraction. Steel can be finished in a variety of ways to suit the appearance you want for your home or business.

Copper roofing is especially long-lasting. It’s also on the investment end, but the long life expectancy will make it worth it for someone looking to replace the roof on their forever home. It’s also solderable and recyclable.

Zinc is also especially long-lasting and is a great choice for a forever home or long-term commercial property. It’s softer and more pliable than other metals, which means it’s easier to shape, but that also means it’s more easily damaged by hail or impact.

Seam standing metal has a unique ribbed surface designed to withstand expansion and contraction. Steam standing metal roofing can be made out of any of the above metals.

Aluminum is a more affordable metal roof that can also withstand expansion/contraction and prevents corrosion. This material is sustainable as well and can be recycled when it’s removed. Visit our Contact Us page if you have any questions!

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Why Go with metal Roofing

One of the biggest factors you’ll need to decide on when choosing roofing Columbus GA is the material– asphalt shingles or metal roofing. Both options have advantages, and understanding how each compares in terms of cost, lifespan, and function will help you make the right decision for your home or commercial property.

In terms of cost, asphalt shingles are more affordable than metal roofing. This is because both the materials and the skilled labor required to install asphalt shingles are roughly half the cost of a metal roof of the same size. If you’re looking for a fixed-term roof or something within budget, asphalt will likely be the right choice for you.

The lifespan of metal roofing Columbus GA is much longer. While asphalt is more affordable as an upfront cost, the 20-year difference in lifespan will make metal roofing a better long-term investment if you’re putting a roof on your forever home. 

Another advantage of a metal roof is durability. Metal is less likely to leak or be easily damaged, meaning the higher upfront cost may actually save you the expense and hassle of repairs down the line. If you’re in the market for a roof you can install and then leave for years without a worry, metal roofing will be your best bet.

Metal roofing also has some climate-specific advantages. If you’re looking to lower your heating bill, metal roofing can help by reflecting more light and heat than it absorbs. Metal roofing will protect your home from fire better than more flammable asphalt shingles.